Candidate Conservation Agreement

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Comment (9): One commentator asked the FWS to narrow the scope of the definition of net conservation benefit to provide more security for landowners. This commentator and another stated that there was no explanation as to the amount of “increase” required to approve the ACCCs. There is nothing in this directive that prevents a participating owner from implementing the conservation measures not described in the agreement, provided that these measures are consistent with the conservation measures and conservation objectives described in the CCAA. The service will provide technical advice to the owner of the dwelling on request, where possible. In addition, a participating owner may terminate the agreement before the contract expires, even if the terms of the agreement have not been met. However, the owner of the accommodation is required to notify the service before the termination. At the same time, the renewal authorization is terminated and the owner of the land would no longer have the insurance. Our response: While we agree that each CCAA is suitable for a particular good, conservation measures in a CCAA are based on the needs of the species and on all major threats that affect the species of this land under the control of the owner. Routine administrative activities on the ground must be agreed upon by the owner of the property and service and described in the CCAA. The Brazos River Authority (BRA) has filed an application for EOS with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in accordance with Section 10 (a) (1) (A) of ESA. The requested EOS authorization, which would come into effect on the day the species can be listed in the future If EOS is issued, it would authorize the accidental capture of the false tip (Fusconaia mitchelli) and Texas fawnsfoot (Truncilla macrodon), two species of shells listed as ESA candidates. The authorization would take effect from the effective date of a listing for the remainder of the CCAA`s 20-year period.

The proposed alternative action would result from activities related to otherwise legitimate activities arising from the implementation of the measures in the CCAA`s conservation strategy, as well as ongoing and ongoing activities in the development of the water supply. The CCAA and its associated approval would implement a voluntary conservation strategy for freshwater mussels developed by the BRA, developed by the National Mollusc Conservation Strategy, developed by the National Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society. The conservation strategy includes measures to prevent and reduce impacts on candidates` shellfish and habitats, an adaptive monitoring and management program, environmental flow standards, and a public information and education program on threats affecting candidate hulls. In addition, it includes the development of revised flow standards specifically for candidate shells, in conjunction with the development of hydrological models for information on adaptive management. There is also support for the development of short-term shelters and research on multiplication methods. The expected outcome of the implementation of the conservation strategy is probably a net conservation benefit for the false leader candidate and candidate fawnsfoot texas.


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