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Persons wishing to marry and marry in the property community enter into a pre-marriage contract written by a notary and duly registered. In this marital agreement, the parties can agree on everything else, but in general they agree on what happens with the assets in the event of divorce or death. Buyback contracts can be financed either by permanent life insurance (cash value) or by term life insurance. The difference between the two types of policies is that the current value of a permanent policy can be used for non-fatal redemptions. However, both species pay the death allowance. These agreements show that a policy is underwritten by both spouses and that the income from the policy is paid to the surviving spouse. If it is such a policy, taken over by the deceased, the proceeds of such a policy are not considered property in the deceased`s estate. The formula approach is simple and inexpensive, unlike methods that require commercial evaluation. However, the IRS may not accept the value, even if it is indicated in the purchase-sale contract. In addition, formulas are not developed to deal with changing circumstances that affect value. Therefore, the buyer or seller can pay too much or, in the event of a sale, receive too little.

There are other exceptions for purchase and sale policies that are not allowed here. A purchase and sale agreement exists, for example, where there is a partnership and the partners enter into an agreement stipulating that the remaining partners can buy back the share of the partner who died after the death of one of the partners. This type of agreement can also be reached between company executives or members of Close Corporations. This purchase and sale agreement is generally supported by a purchase and sale policy, which means that the proceeds of the policy are used to purchase the interest of the deceased partner/director/member for the company. The policy must have been taken out for the purpose of purchasing the deceased`s interest or part of the interest, otherwise the policy is not exempt in the manner considered property and is included in the deceased`s estate.


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