Boilermaker Alumni Agreement

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Sanctioned Purdue Alumni clubs are an essential part of Purdue Alumnis` mission. These groups keep people connected to each other and to the university. Purdue Alumni provides operational support to sanctioned clubs, as long as they meet our annual requirements. Each club has its own community page in purdue alumni portal to connect alumni near you. We recommend that your club appoint someone to oversee the management of your community site, including promoting all club events and responding to contributions within two business days. The two elements of lateral maintenance are preconditions for maintaining the status of sanctioned club. We also encourage all volunteer leaders of the alumni club to create their personal profile on the portal to contribute to the robust digital network we want to build. Volunteers are a critical part of the Purdue community. Participation in alumni clubs, networks, service projects or other alumni events requires individuals to act with integrity and respect for others.

All alumni have a common responsibility in Purdue`s public relations, particularly at the community level. The desire to help in charitable, educational and civic activities brings Purdue`s reputation. Purdue Alumni offers the following support for sanctioned alumni clubs that obtain gold or silver status for each exercise: When managing financial and personal information about alumni, participants in alumni activities or other activities related to the Purdue Alumni Association, adhere to the following principles: To promote diversity in programming, the club`s current program has been implemented with clear expectations and criteria. Our goal is to engage alumni personally, professionally, intellectually in order to increase their connection with Purdue and with each other. The number and types of program ideas for clubs are as varied and varied as the clubs themselves. We advise you to contact other club officials for suggestions and ideas on how to involve local alumni in Purdue. Purdue Alumni will handle the requested changes. To request a change, click “Ask for Change” if you are registered on the club page, “Ask for Change.” Or The direct connection to access is, i.e. The Purdue Alumni Association is an organization based on membership. We try to develop and use emotional bonds as a tool to help, while providing added value to our constituents through our membership program.

Alumni club leaders are the greatest ambassadors we have.


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