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Posted 08 Apr 2021 in Tak Berkategori

The decree of 17.04.1991 relating to the registration of vehicles does not consider the grey card to be a right of ownership. You may have a grey card in your name, but if, for example, you have a credit or financing on your vehicle, you will only receive it in full if you have paid the last payment. Before you start applying for a grey card at a workshop, it is very important to ensure that the workshop is able to apply. In fact, not all garages are able to do this, it is advisable to check the list of licensed garages in your department beforehand to ensure that it has a state-issued authorization. Almost all applications for registration certificates (new registration, change of ownership, duplicate, etc.) lead to the collection of different taxes, the cost of which varies according to the procedure and other factors such as the applicant`s residence or the tax capacity of the vehicle. The authorization gives the private service provider the right to collect this tax on behalf of the public treasury. Approved processing centers, or platform papers, will help you get your certificate faster. They are much more responsive and helpful to incomplete records. The demand for an online grey card is possible since the modernization of public registration services. Why choose this alternative? Even if the driver`s licence counters are closed in the prefecture since November 6, 2017, the new owner of the vehicle will avoid using the ANTS site or will go to the prefecture to use the digital point at his disposal. The introduction of an online price simulator gives you an idea of the costs to be paid for this process. Even online, preparing your file remains the important point on which you must remain vigilant. All incomplete documents result in delays in processing the application and, therefore, in issuing the vehicle`s papers.

Since 2009, when the French state decided to switch to the new vehicle registration system, the SIV, you can make your grey card online for your vehicle. The great novelty of the SIV is that individuals have the opportunity to obtain their new grey card via the Internet without having to go through the prefecture. Find out with how to get your registration certificate (ex grey) without moving. Since 2009, it is possible to make a grey card in a garage or, if it is authorized and approved by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Finance. This new legislation was introduced to simplify the registration of new and used cars and motorcycles. Simplifying life is made your change of address online. / ! Please note that the prefecture counters (grey card) were closed on 6 November 2017. It is no longer possible to send a file by mail to your prefecture.


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