Living House of type VIRA in land 6 x 15 m2

Initial step of this March I present the draft plan of house Vira type 2 floors dedicated to owners who have many family members. These house plans are designed on the 6×15 m2 land. This house has 1 bedroom room, 3 bedrooms and 3 Km / Wc able to complement the needs of 4 to 6 occupants of rooms later, while the living room, family room and my kitchen layout with open concept.

Sketsa Tampak Rumah Tipe Vira

Front View of Vira Type



The good news, Vira house plans this type are applicable for a boarding house business for your business-oriented, given the relative amount sufficient room for up to 3 or 6 residents. Guest bedroom can be used as a boarding place for the owner,  3 bedroom on 2nd floor used as a boarding room. Unfortunately, when used as a boarding house, boarding owners privacy less awake because access stairs to the boarding room in the middle of the building. It’s OK if it is aimed at business.:)

Interesting is not it? although the type of house plans has only 6 meters wide. I hope my sharing useful and a great inspiration for us all.

Denah Rumah Tipe VIRA, 6x15m2

Plan of VIRA Type, 6x15m2


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